This is a very special post. 

This post is about my cousin, born with a congenital heart defect and told that she wouldn’t make it to her next birthday let alone have kids. I have included her testimony, along with the images that prove that God’s Not Dead, and the last few images of her energetic little miracle prove just that.

“I was born with a congenital heart defect known as Atrial Septum Defect associated with Ebstein’s Defect. Basically it means that I had a hole in my heart and valves weren’t closing properly. I was only diagnosed at the age of two. The doctors told my parents that I wouldn’t make it to my next birthday. They said this every year till the age of six. Then the Lord sent a God-fearing heart surgeon on my parents’ path, Dr. Chris Knott-Craig. When he first saw my file, he thought I was already dead. He performed surgery on me in 1990. I was the first person in South Africa and the third person in the world to survive such a surgery. Despite the success of the surgery, my cardiologists always said I would have to be cautious with everything I do.

About a year ago, God told me that my husband and I were ready to bring a baby into this world. My cardiologists advised against it, as they were afraid that my heart would fail due to the pressure of pregnancy. But God said that He would carry us through & He would get the glory from this testimony. Xaria (meaning: gift of love; melody) came into this world on 18 May 2015 extremely strong & healthy. And my heart? Well, clearly I’m still alive & well. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t have moments of doubt throughout the pregnancy as well as the recovery phase, especially when I developed palpitations. Whenever the devil whispered in my ear: “You’re going to die. You’re never going to see your daughter grow up,” the two lines that resounded in my spirit were:

“I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”

“If He said it, then it’s settled. He’s ready for my battle.”


I’ve also learnt the meaning of “doing something afraid”, as Joyce Meyer said. Fear is normal, but because we serve a faithful & mighty God, we can persevere with whatever He tells us to do despite our feelings, knowing that He will see us through to the end.

God revealed so much to me about the Christ ambassador that Xaria is destined to be. I’m excited to see how He uses her in His Kingdom & also how He develops us as parents to raise her to be that warrior princess.”

Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0193Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0194 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0195 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0196 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0197 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0198 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0199 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0200 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0201 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0202 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0203

Please meet princess Xaria, the miracle that proved surgeons wrong.

Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0204 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0206Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0209 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0210 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0211Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0213 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0214Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0205 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0208 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0212