Deena and Robin

Deena and Robin

“Fall in love with someone who tastes like adventure but looks like the calm, beautiful morning after a terrible storm.” — Nikita Gill

I’ve been photographing events for Deena’s family for a while, and on occasion, Robin would accompany Deena to some of these events. So much so that I actually thought he was her husband already (I like to think that I spoke this marriage into existence, although we all know it was God-ordained 🙂  I’m usually the “shed-a-tear-behind-the-camera” kinda girl, but there was no holding back of tears at this wedding. And there was not a dry eye in the room as Robin looked at Deena, the way a man of God should look at his wife, as he promised to love her and the girls as the Father loves the church. And I know Deena and the girls will love you equally as much, if not more Robin. Deena, you are blessed, not only with an amazing family but two gorgeous girls and now a husband who adores you.

Venue: Knorhoek Wine Estate

Hair & Make-Up: Make-Up: Lindy Lin & Hair: Thairapy at Melissa's Boutique

Wedding Gown: Meylea Bridal

Wedding Cake: Chantè Jonkers

Florist: Verona Carolissen