Today not only marks the beginning of spring, but also the 1 year anniversary of my website 🙂

And just as months of planning went into my website, I planned this Vogue Styled Wedding Shoot a few months back as well. I am so excited that I get to celebrate my website’s first anniversary with these images that make my heart jump seeing a vision come to life and that could only happen with the help of some amazing vendors who are incredible at what they do. I can only hope that these images do their work justice.

Mariza, her mom and sister from Mrs V supplied the gorgeous flowers and decor, and while sticking to the colour palette did quite a creative job using Roses, Blushing Brides, Tuberose’s and Lilies. They also brought in some Rose Gold elements to compliment the colours of the flowers which worked quite well along with the white rabbits as decor pieces alongside the cake.

The beautiful Nicole was dressed by Valencia from Valencia Harrison Designs in one of her Show Stopper pieces which worked so well on the island in the middle of the dam of the amazing Stellenbosch Fontein Farm. This farm has a beautiful view of Table Mountain on clear days and lovely still waters for more reflective moments. We ended off with Nicole in a soft, flowy dress by Olivelli available from Belle Åme Bridal Boutique.

The stationery was designed and supplied by Bridene from Bree Creatives and was quite modern and sophisticated while keeping with the colour palette which complimented everything well.

HeartBaked provided the cake which was quite trendy with the Rose Gold diagonal lines and Burgundy marble texture and complimented the beautiful hair and make-up done by Lesley-Ann from L.A Makeup Artistry quite well. Lesley-Ann was constantly on set, making sure that not a hair was out of place or that no lipstick was smudged. She started off with a subtle make-up look and then ended off with a bold red lip which suited the bouquet quite well.

Lastly, the dark grey suit jacket provided by The Tux Tailor gave Lance a bit of a mysterious look and complimented the colour palette which rounded off things nicely.


 Flowers and Decor: Mrs V

Wedding Gowns: Valencia Harrison Designs & Belle Åme Bridal Boutique

Dark Grey Suit Jacket: The Tux Tailor

Cake: HeartBaked

Hair & Make-Up: L.A Makeup Artistry

Stationery: Bree Creatives

Venue: Stellenbosch Fontein

Assistant: Lumeez

Models: Nicole & Lance

Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0065 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0062 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0066Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0042Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0040-1Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0043 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0058Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0041Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0045 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0050 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0051 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0049Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0044Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0059Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0060 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0061 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0063Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0055 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0053 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0056Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0064 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0078Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0048 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0079Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0080 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0073 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0072 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0071Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0082Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0070 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0069 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0068

Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0084 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0067Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0052 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0074Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0085 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0077 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0081 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0076 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0075