She always had a great love for make-up, bringing out the natural beauty of people, but it wasn’t until she started working at a photographic studio that Renske realized that this is what she should be doing. After being involved in a major car accident in 2014, and undergoing some extensive surgery, her health and self-esteem took a serious knock. Now Renske uses this experience in conjunction with her gift as a make-up artist to inspire and enhance the natural beauty of her clients to live life to their fullest. She really has a great support system: her fiancè, family and friends to thank for encouraging and helping her on this journey.

she finally reached a place of knowing she’d be ok, and that is the biggest part of the battle. Believing that you are meant for the good more than the bad.

– Jm Storm

It is really a joy for her to see happy clients with confident smiles after each session.

Please follow her on facebook at Blush Moments by Renske to see her latest work and make a booking while you’re there 😉

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