self-portrait I left my full-time job as a bookkeeper, to venture on a mission of discovering God’s true plan for my life. That led me straight to trading in my car savings for my first advanced digital camera and taking on an internship at a photographic studio doing what I love today.


kittens Coming home to my two fur babies that provide endless entertainment on those long nights of editing and warm snuggles on those odd days I get to sleep in are certainly the best. They double-up as great stress relievers after 10 hour weddings and endless hours on my feet and provide warmth for my feet on those cold winter evenings.


travel In 2013 I was afforded the opportunity to travel to New York and Arizona and the travel bug stuck. I often dream of touring the world doing what I love and capturing memories, and believe that this dream will soon be realised. Getting to visit Central Park and Time Square definitely put me in my element, and doing so with my camera in hand made it even better.


education On my journey to discovering and living out my passion, I’ve had to deal with many “no’s” and “I’ll let you know when I can help you” but not hearing anything in return. I’ve also had many “of course I’ll help” and “this is how you get this image”. I’ve since, and continue to invest in many workshops, tutorials and sacrifice many hours learning from some top artists in the photographic industry and have decided that I am going to be part of the I WANT TO HELP in the industry.

Please feel free to get in touch should you like my style and love to learn.