They met at a young age, had mutual friends, and lived their lives with no intention of getting together. They soon realized something was missing. Bianca contacted Justin for guidance since she was committing her life to the Lord, and Justin reached out by inviting her to a week of Church ministry. It was there, at a Church, during ministry, that the veil was lifted, and it was like Justin saw Bianca for the first time. It was in that moment that he fell in love with her. And they have been inseparable ever since.

After dating for just over a year, Justin finally decided to end the courtship and asked Bianca to marry him in one of Cape Town’s most beautiful gardens. And as the memories of that beautiful day lingered in their minds, we went back there to photograph their E-shoot, and what a beautiful scene it was.

Please view the video at the end for more details on their testimony.

Thank you to JP Crouch Photography for the video.


Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0009 Rezaine_Desai_Photography_0006

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This amazing couple’s short testimony below: