Xaria | Gift of Love


This is a very special post. 

This post is about my cousin, born with a congenital heart defect and told that she wouldn’t make it to her next birthday let alone have kids. I have included her testimony, along with the images that prove that God’s Not Dead, and the last few images of her energetic little miracle prove just that. (more…)


Boschendal | Lyndal & Kyle


Lyndal and Kyle met a few years ago while Lyndal was still studying. Kyle asked Lyndal to meet him and Lyndal went out on a limb and, despite requests from her best friend to not go and meet a stranger all by herself, she followed her heart and met up with Kyle. (more…)

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Morgenhof Wedding | Celeste & Robert


Celeste, a South African, met Robert, a Scottish guy while she was working at Spier in Stellenbosch. She didn’t pay much attention to him, as he tried unwaveringly to ask her on a date. However, after the umpteenth time, she eventually gave in. (more…)

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D’Aria Wedding | Leigh-Anne & Hagan


Hagan and I go way back to youth days, and I met Leigh-Anne through Hagan while they were dating, not realizing that I studied with her sister. They are such a loving, generous couple that would not think twice about helping the next person. (more…)

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